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Walking Rugby 25th February 2023

Our Walking Rugby section hosted four visiting clubs ahead of the crunch Wales v England 6 Nations fixture.

Today we welcomed Clubs from Gloucester, Esher, Gosport & Fareham and Amesbury to Castle Road. This is the 3rd time we have hosted Saturday fixtures and the first such visit by Gloucester and Esher, made possible by the growing friendships and connections being made in this fast growing form of our game.

The Salisbury sides were captained by Joe Cooper (Spitfires) and Nicky Stockley (Bustards), whilst Emily Webb kept us all on track, a necessity to prevent anyone contracting hypothermia. And, Em even captured the results !! Regular readers will know we aren't very good at that. Our thanks also go out to all the referees with special mention to Barry Cridland (Amesbury). 

The form teams were the Salisbury squads who both Won 3 Drew 1 and Gloucester who Won 2 and drew both their games with Salisbury. 

Next stop for the Salisbury Walkers is a trip on the Club fun-bus for a weekend in Cornwall and a fixture with Crediton RFC. Date for your diary: our festival is being held on Saturday 29th April 2023. Handily it co-incides with The Club's annual beer festival. What could piossibly go wrong ??

Feb 2023

Feb 2023

Good tackle Juggy as Karen prepares for take-off against Gosport & Fareham.
Feb 2023 2

Feb 2023 2

Beautiful. Bustards in their final game with Esher.
Feb 2023 3

Feb 2023 3

Good early tackle from Nick to deny Gloucester.
Feb 2023 4

Feb 2023 4

Eddie thwarting Amesbury as the rest of the Spitfires display a decent defensive line.
Feb 2023 5

Feb 2023 5

Get in Mr Pickering. Thanks for the flapjacks as well. Lovely.
Feb 2023 6

Feb 2023 6

Gaulty passing to the Invisible Man against Gloucester.
Feb 2023 7

Feb 2023 7

Tim P in motion as Adrian looks for Pete as the Bustards close out their Esher match.

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