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Colts vs. Ex-Colts 2017

14th. May 2017 - The traditional end-of-season gallop between the Colts and Ex-Colts

It was a fine day to mark the end of the playing season when Salisbury's current Colts side took on a motley assortment of former Colts in various states of decrepitude.

This is an important day in the club's calendar. It celebrates the memory of Joe Osmond who looked after the Colts for many years prior to his tragic death, and set so many players on their way to a rugby career.

2017 was a big anniversary as it marks 20 years since Joe left us, as well as 50 years of Colts rugby at SRFC. As club chairman Richard Larcombe noted in the programme, this is point in the calendar where the past and the future collide.

As always the match was played in good spirits, with the youngsters keen to run around very fast and the oldsters countering with a combination of guile and bulk. Nobody - even the referee - is too sure of the final score but we think it was an honourable draw.

The trophy, a replica of Joe's walking stick, was presented to team captains Brendan Bolitho (Colts) and David Coveney (Ex-Colts) by Joe's brother Bill and former Salisbury, Saracens, England and British Lions player Richard Hill.

Marcus Olsen, one of Joe's former protegés, founded this event and has organised the match every year since its inception. He now feels it is time to step aside and huge thanks are due to him for this important addition to the club's calendar. We hope that we will be able to continue the tradition.

John Palmer

001 F5145152
Organiser Marcus Olsen leads the pre-match briefing
004 F5145159
The Ex-Colts before getting injured/knackered
005 F5145160
007 G5142260
009 G5142263
010 G5142268
Organiser Marcus Olsen bosses the game
014 G5142276
Jim Bellinger in his first game for 10 years - got done for a high tackle
023 G5142295
027 G5142305
035 G5142317
043 G5142330
WingCo explains the finer points of the game to a World Cup winner
064 G5142375
In for a try for the Colts
070 G5142389
071 G5142390
Another try for the Colts
074 G5142400
075 F5145163
Marcus addresses the crowd after the game
077 F5145167
Joe Osmond's brother Bill and Salisbury old boy Richard Hill present the trophy
078 F5145171
080 F5145175
The Bishop Worsdworth's School contingent
081 F5145176
Neil makes it three days out of three on the barbie

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