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Music evening for Salisbury Live

Good Friday was a horrible day to be out thanks to non-stop rain, but inside the club it was a different matter as we hosted an evening of live music in support of Salisbury Live.

Salisbury Live is a well-established part of Salisbury International Arts Festival, and features free live music events all around the city.  The Festival is not going ahead this year but Salisbury Live is, and promises to be bigger and better than ever.  We were pleased to be able to host a fund-raising evening of live music, featuring five local bands.

The evening opened with acoustic trio Just Because.  There was a good crowd in to hear them right from the start, perhaps driven indoors by the awful weather. Next up were The Funk Bunnies with their funky take on a variety of well-known songs.

Break Cover followed, ripping into their rock covers in fine style. Club favourites Passenger Club followed, with their own songs and their distinctive reworkings of other classics. Barely Legal closed the evening with a passionate and high-energy set.

The evening was a great success, all the bands were excellent and kept the good-sized crowd entertained. Audience donations raised over £250 for Salisbury Live and we had favourable comments about how good the club is as a music venue.

John Palmer

007 F3306574
Just Because
008 G3309804
Just Because
012 G3309809
The Funk Bunnies
014 F3306603
The Funk Bunnies
018 F3306617
Salisbury Live organiser Colin Holton asks for our money
026 G3309830
Break Cover
032 G3309840
Break Cover
034 F3306666
The Passenger Club
040 G3309849
The Passenger Club
043 G3309855
Young music fans
047 F3306690
Barely Legal
059 G3309873
Barely Legal

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