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Monday is Pizza Day - help Build our Community Rugby Fund

Eat AMAZING pizza and support the Club's Community Rugby Fund at the same time…. Sit in or takeaway pizza on any Monday in Ferbruary and Pizza Venti will donate all profits to the fund. Remember, deliveries count as well.

Please read this exciting news from Pizza Venti

Last year WE donated to local organizations over 2,500 pizzas, £1,646.50, and over £1000 in vouchers for different raffles and events 🙏🥰.

Following a very challenging autumn campaign and "Plan B" in December.

We are sadly going to have to make some changes to how we run our business. More information about in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, we are going to continue supporting others' dreams through our Community Day project! Throughout February we are going to be supporting Salisbury Rugby Club with their DREAM to make their services affordable to every kid out there.

This is what they said :
"Salisbury rugby club provides rugby to 350 children from in and around the Salisbury area. We offer rugby to children aged 5-18. The club wishes to offer the opportunity to as many children as possible, we don’t want to miss the next Jason Robinson or Marcus Smith because there are blockers. Usual blockers are; financial costs such as membership free, availability of opportunity or proper equipment (boots, strip, gum guards). For this reason we are looking at engaging more with local school or groups and putting on events at the rugby club to provide the opportunity. We are also looking to build a Community Rugby Fund so that if financial support or equipment is needed we can provide it. To achieve this, along with club funding, we are reaching out to local businesses to see if they would like to support this initiative in any way. Our first business is Pizza Venti who have kindly offered to donate their February Monday Community Day funds. "

Much love,
Pizza Venti Family

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Salisbury RFC
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